Track days in my beloved car

What’s up everybody? Darkblade the speed demon here. So this is the last car one for a while… you can see my playlist afterwards for the rest. So Road Atlanta in Georgia is a crazy track but a good beginner. It starts with an uphill left turn, followed by a group of left and right curves. But you only need to brake for a quick quarter second then let off and turn. Next up, you have a sharp set of turns coming up, look ahead to where you are going to turn, not where you are. a smooth brake line should be short and sweet, followed by a left, then its basic straight line, medium right turn, then a small buildup of speed and then a sharp right turn, i couldn’t get it right. nobody could because it can be accessed from many ways. then the speed section comes, its a long straight, then a sharp… late turn! left then right, them comes the scary part, up the hill, then a downhill right turn, which is scary because you can mess it up and then slide into the wall, i was told to go for the yellow block under the bridge, then point my car’s nose to something in the distance that was a door. took a while, but then i figured it out. then you turn when you feel that shift in the road. and there’s the long straight also known as the start/finish line. i have to improve still on some things. my shifting, heel/toe, controlling my car right on brakes. i only managed to get to 116mph top speed but line was improving. i will be much better though next time. so heres the video and playlist

P.S. this will be enough car stuff for a while unless someone makes a request within reason. i will be returning to video games soon

click for my best run on my first track day in my own car

playlist for all my work for the event. enjoy!


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