I Become a Dating Guru in Emily is Away

What’s up everybody? DarkBlade here. so i figured it would be a good idea for some down time. so i decided to would download a free to play game that has been out for a very long time. emily is away is a small game, but is one that will break your heart. it revolves around trying to get out of the friend zone… that’s right, i said it! trying to get out of the friend zone. Emily is a girl you talk in a retro style aol instant messenger. basically its broken down into 5 conversations over 5 years. you try to get with her, and yet the game makes you type… and sometimes the nervous main character will take over. you start to get close with emily and then you have your big chance in the follow years. But the biggest devastation is that at the end, you feel you can turn everything around as the two people get distant, and yet you feel powerless, it almost made me cry as the player. this game was great at what it did for a free game, i recommend others check it out. As usual the video is below. DarkBlade out… peace!



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