Resident Evil 7: Part 7: Life in the Navy…

What’s up everybody? DarkBlade here again. I got a feeling we are almost at the end. So i have to do shit jobs, sound familiar? Anyways, i had to explore a very dark ship. I got lost a couple times in the ship and there’s alot of floors. Those enemies were also a terror. The monsters are all over, rest in peace wifey… so afterwards we went to some house with an elevator that goes down to some kind of cave. It seemed to be like some kind of final showdown in my opinion. its battle after battle, as well as traps through the cave. I wasn’t a fan of the ship part, it was good, but it felt lacking in some degree and i can’t put my finger on it. Anyways, as usual the video isĀ attached in this blog, DarkBlade out. Peace.



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