Resident Evil 7: Part 8: Get Out of My House!

What’s up everybody DarkBlade here, so this game is coming to a conclusion and a big mindfuck with the events, in this short video, we finish with a big showdown in the cave after a bit more travelling, we get a virus neutralizing agent for the man bad girl, then we go to the house and face little miss sunshine. Now little miss sunshine turns out to be that nice old lady we met a while back. I knew that old lady had a secret she was hiding. So anyways, the showdown between man and freak comes to a conclusion when the old lady turns into a giant mutant as the sun starts to come up. luckily help finally comes and gives us a magnum to end the final battle with a bang. at the end, a classic character from old resident evil games appears… chris redfield… and with that the game comes to a conclusion, with dlc coming soon. pending whether I’d play it or not, I’m afraid the dlc could either be good or bad and i dont want to ruin the experience i had. Anyways, my plans are to show halo mods in the future and add another game series into the scene, Tales of Berseria. but for now, here is the video and full playlist.




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