Halo Custom Edition Explorations!

Whats up everybody? DarkBlade here! so today i decide to revisit a few places in the old mods for halo custom edition. i revisit places like biohalo, infestation, a couple danger canyon varients, and also some nice refreshing original ideas. i play most of these on easy so the walkthrough is quick for all of you. i will place these in my halo custom edition playlist and i will link that below. some of these maps ive completely forgotten about, and others i learned a few things about. for example, in the map Infestation, i  could never figure out how to get past the second to last area, who would have thought i had to drop into a hole? all these years and i always thought that big area was the end. well check it out for yourself, the added videos in the playlist are after my noble difficulty playthrough.


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