Halo Custom Edition Extravaganza

Whats up everybody? DarkBlade here. So i have a treat for you today. This time I’ve decided to share my recordings of my one run entire personal campaign mods in Halo Custom Edition the way i have had it set up for a few years. I also have been less active lately because i have decided to (for the third time in my life) attempt to learn how to make maps for halo.

So lets start with the creations, this took a whole month to figure out and i would not quit this time on learning, i spent my middle school and high school playing the game and 2 times ive tried and gave up a few days later after not figuring out. so i got some help from a friend, Super Flanker. he showed me my errors in the sheet. then he helps with some quick ways to create maps. finally i got past the step of 3ds max, i skipped the part of creating a box and went straight to modifying a couple maps. now afterwards i had to make use of sapien and guerilla which are the other tools used to create masterpieces. i still have some bugs to work out but i made it playable, until then, i will have it in beta form. afterwards i tried to add in ai and it was tricky and im still trying to work on some kinks before moving on to an expansion so heres what i made so far… first! the original!

next is the ai test map

Alright, so my long endurance run is the first on the list. This piece has a special place in my heart because i did this all in one go, with the inclusion of occasion bathroom breaks because going 8 hours without one is insane, i also pause the recording at times to reduce risks of crashing. the older playclaw recording program doesn’t seem to do it but you never know. So, what does my personalized campaign collection consist of for the original campaign, it is a mix of CMT Single Player and SPV2… yes i said CMT Single Player… as in the ORIGINAL ONE FROM 2005! that is personally my favorite compared to the ones from today. I think the modern ones are good too but the classic one has a special place in my heart. the final mod in the collection is super campaign revamped, which contains more modified weapons as well as more ai for the list, very nice i know. the library was the best because it involved 3 way battles where it was originally just you and the flood. here is the video below for the entire stream. watch to your hearts content, muahaha! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OQZBwFEcVE&t=20071s <- opens in new window


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